Water; the Renewable Energy


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Water; the Renewable Energy

Water; the Renewable Energy


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There has been a growing concern about the sustainability of fossil fuels and nuclear power. In addition climate change, growing populations and limited fossil fuel resources mean that other more sustainable sources need to be found. This is the reason why the interest for renewable energy continues to increase exponentially. Renewable energy is now at the heart of every informed In terms of energy sustainability, security and affordability renewable energy is at the heart of all discussion. On top of that the member states of the EU have signed up to legally binding targets of 20% energy from renewable sources by 2020. In order to meet these targets, a significant number of highly trained people in renewable energy course are required worldwide. This course explores how we can utilize wind, solar and water power on a much larger scale than ever before, using the four Greek elements as weekly themes. This course explores how we can utilize different renewable resources for energy (e.g. wind, solar) but will focus on the utilization of water. Since of these natural sources of power have been used for centuries they idea is to provide new innovative and more environmentally friendly ways of these uses. In addition through this course the harvesting on untapped new sources will be taught (e.g. water evaporation). Overall by the end of this course student will increase their understanding of how key renewable energy technologies work and the contribution they might make to world needs

Learning Objectives

  • Comprehend the definitions of renewable energy sources, benefits and limitations
  • Learn the current major hydro resources and hydropower technologies
  • Understand the new innovations in hydropower and other resources that are environmentally friendly

Learning Goals

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge, fundamental understanding and critical awareness of renewable energy sources
  • Implement plans to utilize hydropower and other environmentally friendly renewable resources


6 credits


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