Drought and Vegetation


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Drought and Vegetation

Drought and Vegetation


Raftoyannis Yannis


Specialization Water Scarcity

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The course aims at acquiring knowledge about the effect of drought on plants and ways of managing vegetation in water deficient environments.

Learning Objectives

  • Intake and transfer of water in plants
  • Measuring water relations in plants
  • Resistance and adaptation of plants in dry conditions
  • Water stress symptoms
  • Effects of drought on ecosystems
  • Selection and production of drought resistant plants
  • Vegetation management in dry environments
  • Restoration of vegetation in dry environments.

Learning Goals

On completion of this module, students are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the effects of drought on plants and ecosystems
  • Familiarize with techniques of vegetation management in dry environments


6 credits


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Difficulty : Semester B’

Typology : Specialization Water scarcity