This programme is intended for:

Α) Young scientists who intend to pursue an academic or research career in the fields of Water Storage, Management, Protection, and/or Use and Control, either as a natural resource, good or potential risk.

Β) Members of organizations, or public or private water-related bodies engaged with either the socio-economic, political, technical or biomedical aspects of it, or with providing civil protection from it.

C) eople with a relevant scientific background, which have or intend to operate technical companies, laboratories, technical offices, or businesses whose subject matter is or will be water, considered from all the aspects and perspectives mentioned above.

All the people referred to in A), B), and C, may come from any country, given the strong international character of the programme, as it is being developed in collaboration with the scientific staff of UNESCO Con-E-Ect, hosted at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Management of TEI EMT. For this reason, this particular MSc programme is supported by the UNESCO National Commission.

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Accepted graduates categories:

At the MSc “Man and Water”, are admitted -after a special selection procedure-  holders of a degree in a relevant subject, of all the departments of recognized university departments. Details regarding the selection process of the prospective students are included in the Regulation of the programme.