Water is a worldwide natural resource which is indissolubly connected with human’s existence through their eternal interaction. Thus, the relations between man and water by the ecological, technological, political or biomedical aspect comprise a crux of studying.

The MSc is organized by the UNESCO Chair Con-E-Ect which is established in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology. The MSc programme is a brand new and unique worldwide program which aims to address water challenges by the most integrated perspective and always by the prism of man’s intervention. The MAW MSc provides a holistic approach of water related issues by involving several sectors of water such as water management both in water surplus or water demand conditions, energy use, climate change and water legislation. The program is designed to equip the graduates with the ability to work in professional water domain environments where academic skills are required. Graduates will be able to design, develop and apply solutions for water while meeting society’s and environment’s needs within the framework of climate change.